Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Nashik

New लेखी परीक्षेस पात्र उमेदवारांची यादी व आसन क्रमांक
१. प्रयोगशाळा सहाय्यक | २. अधिपरिचारिका (खुला गट) | ३.अधिपरिचारिका (वि.ज.भ.ज. गट) | ४.वरिष्ठ लिपिक |

वरिष्ठ लिपिक/अधिपरिचारिका/प्रयोगशाळा सहायक सरळसेवा भरती - २०१६ . जाहिरात
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दिनांक २९|०१|२०१७ रोजीच्या सरळ सेवा भरती परीक्षा केंद्र ठिकाणातील बदल.

Salient Features of the Institute

  • Established and Serving since 1954
  • Centrally located in the Heart of the city on the bank of Holy River Godavari
  • Devoted and Well-known Institute for propogation of Education in Ayurvedic Medical Sciences
  • Serving poor and needy patients through Ayurveda
  • Serving in Tribal Areas through various regular Ayurvedic Camps.
  • Active Participation in National Programme
  • Ayurvedic Teaching courses - B.A.M.S., M.D., M.S., Ph.D. and Post Graduate Fellowship Courses.
  • Well-equipped with essential infrastructure, qualified & efficient Teaching Staff.
  • Well-equipped Hospital with Haemodialysis unit, Ventilator, I.C.U., I.C.C.U., Panchakarma Unit.
  • Research Institute affiliated to M.U.H.S., Nashik
  • Renowned Institute for the preparation of Standard and Quality Ayurvedic Medicines - Aushadhi Bhavan
  • Working for awareness programmes through famous Ayurvedic publication - Ayurved Patrika
  • Devoted for Drug Research & Clinical Research in Ayurveda through Sanshodhan Vibhag
  • Well equipped with Lecture Halls, Laboratories, Academic Departments, Library, Hostel with Canteen and Auditorium Hall.